#TonePod Ep. 068: Taika Waititi Brings Suplex City to Ragnarok

Hello there, Trash Pandas! First off, which iteration of Doug was your favorite? Nickelodeon's Doug, or Disney's Doug? Once you've mulled that over...

• The Tower of Babel continues to fall: Kevin Spacey & Danny Masterson
• Big screen action movies moving over to the TV screen
• The Orville, The Twilight Zone, and the rise of anthology TV
• Stranger Things 2 retrospective
• Amazon eyes Lord of the Rings series
• N.E.R.D.'s "Lemon" and Rihanna's bars
• The Lion King cast and our appropriate reactions
• Jason Segal's YA novel, Otherworld
• Thor: Ragnarok and the treasure that is Jeff Goldblum
• NaNoWriMo