#TonePod Ep. 070: Chrissy Teigen the Tweet Gawd

What it do, Trash Pandas?? This week...

• One Gotta Go: The Goofy movie, Toy Story, The Lion King, Aladdin
• Finding Mulan
• Chrissy Teigen is better at Twitter than everyone
• Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and discussing race
• Chris Evans & Jenny Slate are back together
• Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Netflix
• The Grammys, melanin, Lady Gaga & Kesha
• Stardew Valley
• The future of The Marvel Cinematic Universe & Infinity War
• The Disaster Artist
• Coco
• Bray Wyatt's wild jury duty ride

The Tone Podcast Ep. 69: Nice. Also the Murder of Johnny Depp

Greetings, Trash Pandas. IT'S EPISODE SIXTY-NINE. Also...

• Netflix revives Top Boy
• Follow-up on KFC's social media might
• Chance the Rapper's 90's R&B jam, "Come Back Barack"
• Serena Williams' fairytale wedding
• Colin Kaepernick's GQ shoot & skin politics
• 21 Years of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
• What the fuck is a Blake Shelton?
• The Un-dude-ening: Russell Simmons, Al Franken, Brett Ratner
• NXT Takeover and what makes a good wrestling feud
• Incredibles II Teaser
• Coco
• Johnny Depp's continued involvement in Fantastic Beasts
• Murder on the Orient Express
• Justice League
• and a film pitch.

#TonePod Ep. 068: Taika Waititi Brings Suplex City to Ragnarok

Hello there, Trash Pandas! First off, which iteration of Doug was your favorite? Nickelodeon's Doug, or Disney's Doug? Once you've mulled that over...

• The Tower of Babel continues to fall: Kevin Spacey & Danny Masterson
• Big screen action movies moving over to the TV screen
• The Orville, The Twilight Zone, and the rise of anthology TV
• Stranger Things 2 retrospective
• Amazon eyes Lord of the Rings series
• N.E.R.D.'s "Lemon" and Rihanna's bars
• The Lion King cast and our appropriate reactions
• Jason Segal's YA novel, Otherworld
• Thor: Ragnarok and the treasure that is Jeff Goldblum
• NaNoWriMo